One’s body is our first eco system, what our skin is directly in contact with does have an effect and is the reason we feel better wearing natural fibres, such as cotton or linen. We value pleasure and breathability in garments, not to mention accessibility to those who have sensitive skin or allergies. The Earth Collection produces clothing and accessories made out of fibres that grow naturally (seed, bast, stalk or animal) as such they are readily biodegradable, and in turn far less hazardous as they decompose into the environment in a shorter span of time compared to synthetic man-made garments. Our method is to use renewable resources to produce fabrics that are less energy-intensive and chemical heavy during the manufacturing, as well as using organic and recycled fabrics wherever possible whilst still maintaining competitive prices. Synthetic fibres have detrimental side-effects especially to the workers handling the chemicals but also to everything around us and ourselves, as pollutants are released into the atmosphere increasing CO2 emissions, risk for disease, the list goes on. Plants not only provide food and shelter for animals and insects but also produce the essential oxygen for us to breathe!

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