The Earth Collection makes mass production a family affair, founded by Hanne Nielsen and JP Jensen, now also includes their daughter Christina. Started in 1993 out of a desire to produce environmentally friendly t-shirts, it has grown to become an internationally known brand and we are soon celebrating our 23 year anniversary! Not only is TEC a family run business, the goal has always been to have a personal relation to everyone we work with, whether that be the factory owners, our partners in China, our clients and distributors, shop owners and of course our employees. We are only as good as the people we work with. An ethical touch to making business paired with a resistance to the marketing focused approach makes TEC unique, having grown though word of mouth and reputation alone.


TEC has been through many stages in its evolution, once reaching 500 shops in over 30 countries, our current smaller set up is allowing us to re-think how we wish to do business and in what manner. The complications of running a franchise have taught us to simplify and to reduce the chain. We now sell straight to shops and are very happy to do so!


The Earth Collection was one of the pioneers in working by environmentally friendly standards in China, as well as the first company to receive the European Eco-label award in 2008 for garment design and manufacturing based entirely in China. Even though we no longer carry this certification nothing in our processes has changed.


We believe that having an awareness of one’s negative impact on the environment and actively trying to minimize it is in fact totally normal, or should be at least! The textile industry will need a lot of work to become sustainable, but we are committed to making our small step towards a better tomorrow.



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