All collections are designed in-house from our base in Hong Kong. We work towards the constant progression of our garment design through being aware of current style trends and colours and researching into new and exciting fabrics. This process is partnered with an overarching objective to create quality timeless clothing that endures the fashions that come and go. Producing garments that are not limited to a season reduces waste. TEC classic items are regularly requested in addition to new designs because they do not have a sell-by date! Our design work is made more challenging, and by that more stimulating, as all our fabrics, processes and other materials must comply with our environmentally-friendly guidelines = limitations breed creativity.


Most fashion brands design clothes for women in their 20s, whereby their fitting models are remarkably similar in size to the girls that strut down the cat walk. The Earth Collection produces clothing using only renewable natural fibres to increase breathability for the wearer, but also importantly, to offer a good fitting for ladies of various sizes, ages and shapes. We want women to feel better when they put on our clothes.


Previously, we used to launch two large collections a year covering ladies, men, kids and babies with accessories such as scarves, jewellery, and bags. We have also experimented with many fun projects over the years, such as home ware collections, natural soaps and creams, yoga clothing and even golf wear. We now focus all our energy on one annual Spring/Summer collection for women, that still includes a small line for men and babies, as well as items that can be worn all year round.


We hope you enjoy seeing some image photos from our collections, they are both professional and amateur, for example some are taken by our wonderful Finish distributor and the SS13 Collection is modeled by a TEC shop owner in USA. These photos span from 2002 up to our 2016 Collection.


* The Spring/Summer 2017 Collection is officially on its way to the shops! If you are interested in stocking our collections please contact us for more information - we take in orders in the beginning of September for the Spring/Summer Collections. Chances are now limited to SS14/15/16 overrun [which is ready to be shipped from Hong Kong]!


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