Børnefonden is one of Denmark’s most established NGOs (1972) sponsoring 67,000 children (in turn also supporting their family and community) in five West African countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Mali and Togo. We like that they take a “child centred” approach and wanted to do some projects with them. There is no doubt that everyone should have access to food, clean water, basic medicine and education and we believe that Børnefonden are very active in attacking these problem head-on in five countries that really need it!


Our support:

2004: Schools, latrines, kindergarten - Togo

2005: 5 wells in Hahomégbé - Togo

2006: Equipment of health center

Latrines in catholic school

5 wells at Kpélé, Djékloé, Begbe, Djebe

Drinking water at Agbévé -  all in Togo

2008: Kindergarten in Agangbé, Equipment for laboratory - Togo

2009: Kindergarten with playground, equipment - Benin

2010: Grain mill in N'Tjila Finana, donation for women's association - Mali

2011: Child survival Unit in Toula - Mali

2004-2010: Sponsorship of 2 children

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