Anakatira is a non-profit organization based in Cebu (Philippines); an official project under the NGO Cebu City Task Force On Street Children. After supporting other charities, we decided as a family to realise our own independent charity project in Cebu (where we previously have produced jewellery). As Christina was trained as a dancer and teacher, the idea was to empower youth via art, dialogue and expression. This dream became a 2 month dance and art workshop with 15 out-of-school youth and finishing with free public performances: A Common Exhale [2010]. Anakatira grew out of this, transforming into a full time scholarship and mentoring program, currently supporting 11 youth through university and 1 through high school (six of which were encountered through the dance project). TEC then went on to support the funds needed to set up Anakatira’s first public fundraising photography exhibition: A Touch of Colour [2012].


Anakatira is run by Christina Jensen, daughter of TEC and currently the brands Account Manager and Assistant Designer

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